Thursday, September 25, 2014

New steps of faith...personally


Here at CCBC Japan, we are encouraged to live by faith, and also take steps of faith. As a school, we are taking a big step of faith by moving our teaching site from Tokyo to Fukaoka. 

But as we corporately take steps of faith - we know that the time comes when our awesome interns must also take steps into what God has for them next. This is the season for Tamiko Murakami. 

God is opening doors for her to go alongside the church at Calvary Chapel Iwakuni - and serve alongside Pastor Glen & Farah Phipps. Why we are sad to see our sister go - yet we are blessed to send her to our extended family in Iwakuni. 

Tamiko was with us here as a student for one year, and then after graduation, returned as an intern where she has served for about five and half years. We have seen a lot of growing in her spiritually, and how God has matured her into a wonderful woman of God. She is a fantastic translator, a good dorm steward for our girls, and great friend. 

We will miss your gentleness & beautiful smile friend - but we are excited to hear how the Lord will use you in your next steps. 

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Trevor Raichura said...

Whoa, exciting, Tammy! Maybe you can take trips to the Kansai area every now and then! By the way, do you all remember Suguru? He was a Bible college student in the spring semester, I think. Anyways, he was at my church this afternoon and I got to have a good talk with him. He is still seeking God for his future, but please keep him in your prayers!

Anonymous said...

Where is the college located in Fukaoka and is there an English speaking service on Sumdays? We will be in Fiulaoja at the end of May, first week of June 2017. We attend Calvary Chapel Queen Creek, AZ. Would love to worship with you then!