Sunday, October 17, 2004

Jerusalem News flash

Praise the Lord! I just recieved an email from Mike who runs the Bible College in Jerusalem. They just returned from doing an outreach in Tel Aviv. You might remember, but we had Steven Apple from CCTelaviv come and speak at CCLivingwater a few months ago. We also had Pastor Mike from CCBC Jerusalem speak there too. Well Mike and the Bible College hooked up with Steve from Tel aviv and they did some evangelism right on the streets of Tel Aviv. They busted out the guitars and began to play. Well as a crowd of people began to gather, those who did not lead in worship began to witness to them. At the end of the night there was this guy who gave his heart to Jesus right on the streets of Tel Aviv. Awesome! That is the Lord! God is doing a great work in Israel so please continue to pray for Rosie and the Bible College there in Jerusalem and the works that are going on all over the country.
Praise the Lord! Pastor Tommy

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