Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Calling for someone to serve

Hello everyone back home. We have been totally blessed out here in Okinawa and the work load has been getting larger. I believe it was Brother Yun from the book "the heavenly man" who said that" they don't pray for lighter loads in China, but for stronger backs". It was D.L. Moody who said "I would rather have 1000 men do the work of one that have one do the work of a thousand men". So as God extends our work loads I am believing that He will either raise up someone from our midst or send someone to us to help in the workload.
The school at OCSI has been a blessing and the youth are wonderful at the school, but as I serve there, I realize that what they need is a youth pastor to love on the kids and relate to them on a daily basis. I love what R.C. Chapman said about youth, he loved hanging around them and having them around because they kept him young. That is so true, being with them everyday, going to camp, planning youth events keeps you young. So I am believing that someone will come who will help in this area. (Are you that person?)
The Bible College is in full swing, but we had one set back, typhoon Togague (lizard in Japanese) came roaring in this tuesday, so we had to set the class back one week. This is another area that we need help in, someone to help organize classes, help with the CCBC booktable and serve in general for the Bible College.
So keep these things in your prayers, we will keep you posted on what comes up and available.
God bless you all, Pastor Tommy

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