Saturday, October 23, 2004

Typhoon Tokage leaves another on the way

Hello everyone,Tyhoon Tokage (lizard in Japanese) just left us and another one is on the way. We will probrobly be hit this Wednesday night. The Typhoon's are cool but sometimes they get in the way of your plans. But this is Okinawa and a way of life.
As some of you well know my mother has been deathly sick. But Praise the Lord she is doing fine now. I just talked to her today and she is back home and sounds great. She promised me that she would take good care of herself and eat well. But we are just soaring high over here with the great news of her now good health.
Pastor Rick is away from the church this weekend and will be staying with his wife, this week was their anniversary and they will get away for a bit. So I have the blessing of sharing the message from the Word this week for Rick. Please pray for me, I have not taught in the pulpit for over a few months and I am sure that I will get nervous.

"Another Tyhoon is coming our way"

At OCSI the quarter just ended and I finished up my Bible class for the students. I was teaching "end times prophecy" to the 11th graders and this coming week I will be teaching the Seniors the same class. It is a blast! Some are real into it and some are just trying to survive so they will not have to take the class over. They all did very well, doing their homework and testings. God bless you all, I will be sending a DVD soon to the family back at Livingwater. So if you are interested in seeing it, you can contact Pastor Jerry Simmons at the church.
Love, Pastor Tommy

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