Tuesday, November 16, 2004

God blessed us with a computer

We are truly blessed. Yesterday someone from the body here at CCOkinawa asked me if we needed a computer. I told them yes, what they did not know is that Joanna and I were praying for one just the other day. So they brought it to us that Sunday afternoon. God answered our prayer so fast. Praise the Lord He is so good. Well that is just half the story.
For many of you well know that when we left California, we literally gave away everything. Knowing that God would give us everything we need. That includes computers, so when they brought the computer to our house, we had them put it into our extra bedroom, and later that night I thought I would set it up. When I went to set it up, it is the exact same computer we had in the states, same maker an Emachine. I thought wow, God you are so good, You trully bless us, as we give things way, You always give back to us. For us it was exactly what we gave away. This is just an incredible testamony to God's goodness.Posted by Hello Love, Pastor Tommy

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