Thursday, November 11, 2004

Veteran's day guys getaway lunch

Today is Veteran's day in Okinawa. Most of the servicemen have the day off. The ladies gathered at the church for a women's Biblestudy, so when they left some of the guys took off for a lunch at the all-you-can-eat KingKong Yakiniku. You heard it right, an all-you-can eat. These are the favorite words of Glenn, Pastor Rick and myself. At this place you cook your own steak, chicken or pork. The side dishes are fresh vegtables, fried rice, soups, etc, etc, etc. So as you can see we are 6 happy dudes. Sitting on the Tatami mats is cool, but sometimes uncomfortable if your legs fall asleep easily. But other than that, it is a real comfy way to relax over a lunch or dinner. These are the guys who were at the luncheon starting from your lower left and going around the table. Captain Ernest Herrera a pilot in the Air Force, myself humble servant of the Lord, Mike Plemmons retired Marine, Glenn Phipps sumo in training, Rick Barnett most anointed Pastor, and Damian Velarde radiology specialist Lester Navy Hospital - youth leader at CCOkinawa. Posted by Hello

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