Thursday, November 11, 2004

The Ruiz's get their Japanese Visas

Praise the Lord! All glory to God. Today we recieved our visas from the Japanese government. We are now allowed to stay long term in Japan. I recieved a Child of a Japanese National Visa which allows me to work, own property and do business here in Japan as if I was a born national. For those of you who did not know my mother is a full Japanese citizen who has lived in the United States for over 50 years. I always asked her why she did not become an American citizen, she would tell me "I'll do it soon", but God had other plans. If she would have become an American citizen we would not have been able to get this type of visa. Praise the Lord! So God knew what He wanted us to do a long time ago. Our family is blessed to be here and serve Jesus Christ. There is a good work in store for us, so we need your prayers. We love you all and know that your prayers for us keep us going strong in Jesus Christ. Posted by Hello Love, Pastor Tommy

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