Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Pray for Philippines, Tyhoon destroys Villages

Please pray for the Philippines. Regin Rodriguez who works with me at OCSI, recieved a phone call from his pastor back in the Philippines. His pastor stated that their sister church was hit hard by the typhoon. He was trying to contact the pastor in the hard hit area by phone, but could not. So he decided to try to get there himself. As he was on the way, it was impossible to get to the village because the roads were washed away by mudslides. He had to abandon the car and walk there by foot. It took almost 5 hours. When he reached his destination he was informed that the whole church died in the church building. A mud slide washed the whole building away. The Pastor, his wife, children, and congregation died. 30 Christians died and 100 people total lost thier lives in the building. You can turn to my yahoo pictues to see other photos of the devistated area. http://photos.yahoo.com/calvarychapele3missions Here in Okinawa we will be sending a love offering to help. If you are interested in helping financially, you can contact CClivingwater at (909)272-4484, that is in Corona, California. Posted by HelloPastor Tommy

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