Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Team ministers at Shuri Jr. high school

Tuesday afternoon a team from CCOkinawa, and OCSI were invited to Shuri Jr. high school to minister the Christmas story. Some of you might remember Shawn Shavers, he was the former Chaplain at OCSI, now he is a teacher at this Jr. High. So he invited us to sing some Christmas carols, a Christmas play and to share the Gospel with the youth. It is incredible at a Japanese school, each classroom has at least 40 students. There are a total of 1000 jr. highers in this school.They eat lunch together in their rooms, and there are no janitors in Japanese schools, the students after lunch, clean, mop and do all janitorial work. We were blessed. If you would like, you can turn to our yahoo photos and check out a day in the life of ministry here in Okinawa. look at the pictures labeled: Shuri Jr. high school Posted by Hello

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