Saturday, January 22, 2005

GoGo Eigo house almost completed

Hi everyone! We just wanted to drop this pict to all of you and show you how much progress is going on with the Gogo Eigo building. As you can see, it is almost completed. When you get a chance, search our archives and see what this building looked like before we began the construction. (It is under, Pray for direction-December 3, 2004). The exterior is almost done, but the main things is still missing. Can you see what it is? If you said the roof you are right. We still need to finish off the roof, that is something we would appreciate you praying for. We are not sure what kind of roof we should put on. You cannot put shingles in Okinawa. The Typhoon's will blow them off. So we either have to put tile (it will be real heavy) or we will put this kind of galvanized corrugated stuff. But we are still in prayer about it. Please join us in prayer as we decide the finishing touches. We still need to put up new screens on the window, add A/C, carpet, chairs etc. But it is coming together, Praise the Lord! Posted by Hello

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