Sunday, January 23, 2005

Mike Silva is back!

Back from Iraq! Mike has been in Iraq for 7 months and boy is it good to have him back. (How about those rhymes?) But in all seriousness, it is really good to have him with us again. Mike is a blessing here in Okinawa, and he is ready to get right into the thick of things. Starting Tuesday he and his wonderful wife Sonya, are taking the Genesis class that Glenn Phipps is teaching. Next Sunday morning he will be teaching here at CCOkinawa, for the Sunday morning services. Pastor Rick, Christy, Joanna, I and a handful of others will be heading to the CCTokyo Pastor's and leaders conference. I will send up some blogs next week, so you can see how the conference went. But in the mean time, continue to pray for Mike and Sonya. Mike will be out of the Marine Corps in 7 months. They are praying and seeking the Lord for their next step of faith. Posted by Hello Pastor Tommy

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