Saturday, April 30, 2005

The Go!Go! Eigo house is open for Ministry

The signs are up! We were so blessed Thursday evening. I recieved a call from Travis at CCTokorozawa and he asked how the english classes are going. I told him we have not started yet, no advertizement, and we have not passed out any fliers. He said that is cool, don't worry, so we small talked. I was blessed at what the Lord is doing at Tokorozawa, they are preparing for when Bill Stonebraker (Pastor of CCHonolulu) will be coming to Japan for a Japanese leaders conference. Well, after we got off the phone, about an hour later, we recieved a knock on the door. I thought it was our Japanese neighbor, sometimes they come over and give us vegtables or clams (we don't know how to cook them yet, so we give them away, Joanna takes over baked goods to them). But when we opened the door, another next door neighbor was there, standing with her Japanese high school daughter, and said that she was interested in taking english classes. Praise the Lord! We talked, set up at time, and behold, we start with her next week. After they left Hannah and I were jumping for joy, our first student. Please continue to pray for this ministry, our hearts are to reach the Japanese/Okinawan people for Jesus. Posted by Hello God bless you all, Pastor Tommy

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