Saturday, April 30, 2005

May 5th, Children's day

Friday, April 29th is the beginning of "Golden Week" in Japan. It is a week strung together with many Japanese holidays, and most Japanese have the whole week off work and school. Traffic gets heavy in Okinawa, as many Japanese tourists visit from Mainland Japan. But, this Thursday the 5th of May is Children's day. Originally it used to be called "boys day" but was later changed. It is a day devoted to the children in Japan. Most parents will take their kids to the park and spend time with them. We have this day off school at OCSI. The flying fish in the picture are really carp, and each one represents one member of the family (so I am told). So the first one represnts the Father, the next the Mother and so on. So the little green one in the back is Asa (my youngest son). So Japanese and Okinawans will fly these fish kites outide their house for this week. Kind of cool huh? Posted by Hello Pastor Tommy

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