Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Missionary girls from Okinawa

So beautiful! I am not talking about Pastor Tommy, but the girls. Just kidding. You might remember the girls from Okinawa who came to Cali and stayed with all of us. On the far left is Azusa Naka, Kayo Yamauchi, Yumi Tomori (today is her birthday), Asuka Sato, and Joanna Ruiz. It was so great seeing them in church today. Please pray for these gals, I believe with all my heart that God has some wonderful things in store for them. God brought them to Cali for a special reason, and He wants to use them in Okinawa in a special way. May God bless them and continue to prepare them for the work that He has in the future.Posted by Hello

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Hello you 4. I remember talking to you at living waters, in Corona.
I worked for the school district as a carpenter. I will pray for you.