Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Clams! Clams! Clams!

Joanna is gone in Samoa, so we have to experiment in dinners. The kids have been getting the usual, spagetti, curry, rice. Well the next door neighbor, our japanese fisherman, came over with some clams. Last time he brought us clams they went bad. We did not know how to cook them. So this time, I headed straight for the internet and checked out how to cook'em. So we experimented, and they came out great! Pictured below is Hannah, my oldest daughter eating clams, rice, and salad, yummy! Pray for me, Joanna will be back in a week and I am running out of cooking ideas.

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GEN said...

Ohhhh, Is this Hannah's photo???
How old is she ?? Does she speak Japanese??