Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Joanna and the gals in Western Samoa

I just recieved and email from Joanna that they were leaving American Samoa and flying to Western Samoa. The plane flight is a real trip. Let me explain; The flight from American Samoa to Western Samoa is a short one. Only an hour flight, but, you fly on a twin engine little plane. I mean little. It only seats about 20 people. Before you board the flight they weigh you and position you for weight dispersion. So when Pastor Pule and I flew to Western, we could not sit together, too big. I was on the left, Pule on the right side of the plane. When the plane takes off, they put the emergency brake on, put the engine to full throttle and release the brake and you are off. Well, the girls will be in for a real treat. One thing though, the view is incredible from the low altitude, you see many atolls (floating lagoon islands) and green lush vegitation. Pray for the gals, they will be ministering in some of the small villages as well as leading the ladies in a closer walk with Jesus. Click below to hear an audio message. Pastor Tommy

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George said...

Asa is so cute. He just steals the show.

Tillie said...

That is so cool i will be praying for you all and the gals. I wouls love to go to samoa. Maybe one day, righ tnow the Lord has me in Guam, so pray that i continue to be in His grasp. Love you, TIllie

kwon said...

if that's samoa, put me down for the next scheduled trip......cuz i'm there!