Sunday, August 07, 2005

Joanna, Sepha, and Monique in Samoa

Praise the Lord! They are in Samoa and blessed. Some of you might rememeber Sepha (Joseph) he visited California a few years ago, but now he is all grown up. Sepha will be joining the army soon. Joanna said that it was such a blessing to see him and many of our Church family. This picture was taken at Mary's house in Avo. Some of you might remember the village of Avo, it is located right near the beach overlooking the ocean. Beautiful place to seek the Lord. When the guys stayed there, we would all get up early and do our devotions on separate place on the beach or near the coconut trees. Great memories! Your'e in our prayers girls, keep up the great work for God.

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vianne said...

goodness! last time i saw sepha.... i think he was about 13, with LONG hair! Well, we'll be praying for you, for sure :]
And if you're ever in cali, again, come on by and we'll take you out for some Thai cuisine '~'