Sunday, August 07, 2005

Joanna teaching at the Women's Conference

The women's conference has begun and they are blessed. At the time of this writting they have already finished two of their sessions, but they have a few more days to go. Joanna said that they are having a great time and the Lord is doing a good work in all the ladies. If you notice to the left of this picture you see a vase with flowers. That is one thing that I love about Samoa, the tropical flowers. Forget the florist, just go outside and pick the most beautiful flowers that you have ever seen. Monique is having a wonderful time, fitting in well. For Rebecca, it is a good homecoming, being back in Samoa.

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vianne said...

hey, Rebecca! Now who am i going to call, when i get stuck on the 91 fwy???
Oh yeah....... GOD!