Monday, September 19, 2005

Pastor John and Tom Greenroyd leave Okinawa

Today Pastor John and Tom left Okinawa and are heading back to California. It was a blessing having these guys here for a week. Next time they need to stay longer. There was so much more to do and to see. We want to say that we love you guys, and again, thank you so much for blessing us here on the Island of Okinawa. Love, Pastor Tommy and all your Okinawan family

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Iz said...

Hey Yo Seg
Daaaaaaang...Nice goatee n stash...Who do ya think u are...Mr miagi? Not 2 be confused with yasutomo...But ya like tha look...If ya get this y dont ya sen d me an e-mail or somethin, unless ur 2 cool cuz ur all buff now n Peace Out n God Bless
How ya like tha comment, like old times huh? I just hope Pastor Tom doesnt delete it....;)