Thursday, October 13, 2005

Vunder's Boys

This past weekend, Segmon and Vunder had the opportunity to serve at the OCSI fall camps. They were invited down south to Itoman with the middle schoolers, and they had a blast. Pictured above are some of Vunder's boys who were competing in some kind of team competition. They are posing in the classic "Samoan Livingwater style". Please continue to pray for the students at OCSI that the Lord will continue to do a wonderful work in their lives.


Yumi said...

It has been such a blessing to hung out with both of you Vunder and Segmon!
(Well,Segmon,be nice to me,okay?)
You guys have such a love for Christ and How awesome to see your faith in Him grows stronger and stronger each new day.I will keep continue to pray for you so just keep focus on Jesus and do His Will!! I love you my ii tomodachi!!

Anonymous said...

Is that William Wallace to the Left???

Anonymous said...

FREEEEEEEEEDOMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Brave Heart)