Saturday, January 21, 2006

An incredible day of ministry

At the end of this day, I was just reflecting on the great day of ministry that the Lord gave us. Our day really started Friday evening. Segmon, Rob, Zach and Hannah headed out to Youth group and Joanna and I spent the evening with people coming over and spending time in prayer. We got to bed late that night and got up early Saturday morning. Saturday morning the guys and I led worship at CCOkinawa at the men's video conference (men gathered to watch the conference held in Anaheim California). We left early because we were invited to Okinawa University to meet with some students, eat lunch and spend time talking to them in english. We headed home and regrouped, then went out to the Pallman's Birthday party for Emily their daughter. After that, we had an outreach at Naha Justco. God gave us a fruitful day. We were so blessed.

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iz said...

OOO...there it is..I've been lookin' for my cajon ever since u guys left...;)