Monday, January 23, 2006

Kids club in Ginowan

We have a special prayer request for you. The Lord has been speaking to our hearts about starting a kids club in our neighborhood. So, last week Segmon made a flier with a huge help from Tim and Ayu Newell. So, monday afternoon, evening, I was putting Asa down for a nap and I heard kids playing outside. Normally you do not hear alot of kid noise (only Asa) so it caught my attention. I went outside, went around the corner but did not see anyone. So, I went back inside, then I heard kids playing again and went outside, but went the opposite way. I saw a small group of kids playing on their bikes. I went inside, copied a few fliers, took Hannah and Michal with me, and we started talking to the kids and invited them to come over this Wednesday night at 7pm for the kids club. They sounded real interested, so we talked to them for some time, and invited them to see our house, where the club will be. They came and I introduced them to Joanna, Rob and Segmon. Again, they are real interested. Will you please pray for us that they will come this week and also invite their friends. We would totally be blessed to be able to minister to the kids in Ginowan city. God bless you, Pastor Tommy

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