Saturday, May 27, 2006

Amazing Day!

Incredible! Today, Rob, Segmon, Kayo, Junko and Naru spent the afternoon at Kokusai Dori (Kokusai street) in downtown Naha. Kayo treated the guys out to lunch since it is Segmon's last weekend before he heads back to Cali. They were walking, and all of a sudden the street was stopped and there were many policemen (uncommon in Okinawa). There were these official cars passing by. Rob and Segmon were right near the street, and all of a sudden the Prime Minister of Japan rolls right past the guys. His name is Junichiro Koizumi. It is the same as seeing the President of the United States. Seg and Rob were literally 5 feet away from him! The Prime Minister waved to the guys and they waved back at him. I wonder what Koizumisan was thinking "Hello Okinawa, Hey, look a big blonde guy and this dude with the Afro, what are they doing in Okinawa? Well, this was really cool, the guys were blown away, a real honor for them.

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