Friday, May 26, 2006

Segmon heading back to Cali 5/29/06

It has been such a blast with Segmon here in Okinawa. We just finished up our Semester at Bible College. We all believe that it is time for him to head back home to CCLivingwater, so he leaves this Monday, May 29th. I want to take this time to thank Pastor Jerry and Pastor Cisco for allowing our brother to serve along side with us for these last 10 months. Originally when he was sent out, I asked Pastor Jerry to send him out with no financial support. People wondered "how will you support him", well, we have lived by faith for the last 10 months and God has always provided for our needs. Never once have we been hungry. God is so faithful! It has been wonderful to see God develop Segmon in different areas, we know that when he is back in Cali, God will continue to use his gifting for His glory. Thank you so much for all of you who have continued to lift up Segmon and this ministry here in Okinawa. Your prayers are so needed and appreciated. God bless you all, Pastor Tommy


refuge said...

The Lord knows how much your heart wants to stay but he also knows how much your heart longs to share the awesome things the Lord has done for you. Step out in faith Seg and know that God's work is still not done in you.

Anonymous said...

wow 10 months! what an awesome blessing to experience all that you have so far AND there's still so much more that God has for you! because wherever you go, HE is with you & will continue to bless you!....For you shall go out with joy, And be led out with peace.
Welcome home & God bless! many will be sad to see you go, but many are so happy that you're coming home! what a wonderful experience, enjoy the goodness of the Lord!!!

Anonymous said...

Seg, Good luck and may our God be with you. Not sure when your leaving, but if it's before I get back to Oki, It was a plessure to have met you. If your not leaving until after the 29th of May, then we will have to have a get together at my house.

Steve Gaines
aboard the USS Essex.
(tell Zach, I have my 360 finally!!)