Monday, May 22, 2006

Ministry to the Widow's in Nepal

Every Friday night we gather for prayer at our house in Ginowan. This week we invited a lady named Satsuko (pictured above next to Ayu) she attends CCBC Okinawa taking Joanna's class on Women in Leadership. Satsuko had a vision to help the widows in Nepal. This is her story: In Nepal, the men can divorce their wives for any reason at all. If they get too old, cannot work, even if they did not recieve enough dowry from the wedding. So when the women are divorced they are thrown out of the house to fend for themselves. Well, there is this ministry in Nepal who reach out to these women. They teach them to knit and sew and they in turn sell these items to provide food for themselves (pictured above). There is also a small store in the house where they stay (upper right). Well, Satsuko recently traveled to Nepal to help at the woman's shelter and returned excited for the work of the Lord. She collects money from some of her friends and then in turn sends the money to the widow's work in Nepal. If you are interested in helping in this work, we have opened up a paypal account that you can donate money to. All of the donations will be given to help this work in Nepal. God bless you all, Pastor Tommy

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