Thursday, May 18, 2006

Neighborhood Kid's Club

pictures by Natsuki Iha

Wednesday night, we hold the Kid's Club at our house, while the adult Bible Study is at the Koinonia Cafe. Natsuki Iha, Julie Milwood, and Joanna Ruiz head up the festivities for the Kid's Club. This week, they made Pinatas out of crepe and tissue paper, can you tell what they are: they are chili's. The kids always have a great time. After the activity, Joanna gives them a Bible lesson, and they like singing "Open the eyes of my heart Lord" in Japanese, but mostly English. Please continue to pray for this outreach in Ginowan city, that we would reach more kids for Jesus Christ.


vianne said...

awwww... '~' kids are kids are kids are kids.
" Jesus loves the little children,
all the children of the world..."

vianne said...

so....Natsuki - did you give
Kazuki a big-ol-HUG, for helping you out with this - at MIDnight?_?
(today..-->11:33a.m.--> praying for you two!)