Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Segmon Cali bound!

Tonight Segmon left for California. Yesterday, we tried to send him home, but the airline cancelled his ticket for some reason. Well, we got things straightened out, and he left at 7:30pm this evening. Segmon has been such a blessing to many of us, we will miss him dearly, and we are grateful for his heart of service. For those of you who might want to meet him at LAX. He arrives from Taipai at 7:30pm May 30th. That is right! May 30th. He arrives in Cali around the same time he left, the same day he left Okinawa! Segmon gains the day he lost when he arrived in Okinawa. Kind of weird! Oh! He arrives on China Airlines. Take good care of him guys, he sure was special to us here in Okinawa.

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