Monday, May 29, 2006

Segmon's going away party

On Sunday night we had our regular w2 Bible study, but afterwards we had a going away celebration for Segmon as he heads home to California. It was a great night. Many people brought food, and we ate the night away. After the food, many people had encouraging words for Segmon. It was amazing to see how many lives Segmon affected in the short time that he was here. One thing in particular stands out on what someone said. They stated that Segmon always made you feel welcome. He always greeted you with a smile and made you feel special. For people who visited the first time, they were always welcomed by him. With those words I encouraged everyone that we need to have that same kind of spirit, always welcoming people, thinking of others first, and serving the Lord with all of our hearts.

On the top left is June and Kodai. They did some rapping for Seg, as well as going all the way with the costumes. It was a blast of a night. Pastor Tommy

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Anonymous said...

Itsu June, Itsu crazy look, Itsu praise God seeing him