Sunday, August 20, 2006

The bugs of Okinawa

This is a picture of Michal holding the cage of one of the types of bugs that are in Okinawa. The kids love playing with these things (yuck!). You can buy different kinds of these beetles at bug shops (that is right, bug shops!) but they are quite expensive. They cost about $30.00 dollars each. The kids will play with them, and even challenge other kids bugs against their bugs. The bugs will fight and the one bud that turns the other bug on its back, wins. (go figure?) The bug in the picture is one that Jason Arbogast' son Justin caught at one of the parks. You can go into the jungle and hunt these down for free. My son Asa wants one of these, but they often escape in the house. That is the last thing that Joanna wants in the house, a bug infestation. God bless you, Pastor Tommy

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