Sunday, August 20, 2006

Jun's Birthday Celebration

Let the good times roll. Tonight after w2, we celebrated Jun's birthday. Vunder, Trevor and Zach, sang a birthday song for him. During the song, they invited Jun and Kodai to join on in (upper left and right picture). On the bottom right, Kodai is singing a song for the group and on the bottom left is Jun holding his birthday cake that Vunder made for him (yummy). Happy Birthday Jun! When you get a chance, please leave a greeting for the birthday boy below.


segi said...

!!!...HAPPY BIRTHDAY...!!!...miss you bratha...God Bless you!

IZZO said...

ITSa ME ISrael....u should write me sometime...HAppy BRithday MAn....God Bless U!!


Torres Family said... you man...God Bless
Torres family

Trevor said...

Oh happy happy greeeeeeeting!
Omedeto omedeto
Birthday! Ro-soku keso- yo
Kami to ikiteiru to
Itsumo kiseki ga umareru...

Have an awesome and blessed year, Jun! Kamisama no shukufuku ga aru yo- ni!