Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Habu Cave

photo by Jeremy
On Okinawa, one of the most dangerous snakes in the world live on this island. The guys were doing some cave exploring, when they found this old chest like box. They opened it up, and found all kinds of old artifacts, but also, there was a Habu snake inside (look closely at the photo it is more towards the left). Well, they did not pick up any of the artifacts inside, but they took this picture. On their time off, the guys will go cave exploring. This cave was actually man made. The Japanese made cave tunnels all throughout the mountain side. Seriously, there are some caves that have not been explored since WWII. The guys will read about battlesites on the internet, and then explore the sites and find caves that are still there. They are modern day Indiana Jones-jers.


Anonymous said...

I would stay out of those caves until at least late November.

Anonymous said...

Summer's when the real men go out to explore!

Anonymous said...

Real men often get bit by deadly snakes