Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Yomitan Wharf

Photo by Jeremy
Monday, on our day off, the team helped Pastor Rick from CCOkinawa move into his new rented house. There were a lot of us, so it went real fast. Afterwards, they were hot and wanted to go for a swim. We headed out to Yomitan, swam out to the break structure, and took turns jumping into the water. Some of the gals have never been there, so they had a great time. Even Misty got into the action. These guys and gals are great swimmers.


Anonymous said...

must be nice..

Theophilus11 said...

What a great time! Gotta love the Yomitan Wharf. Next time we're gonna have to take up Voonder's idea and do some shots of Voonder ollying off that thing! Wow, I really need to learn to not flail my arms when jumping off really high stuff...it hurts the shoulders the next morning