Friday, November 10, 2006

Food Video from Korea

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Hi everyone! We put up this short video on some of the food that we were eating in Korea. We really had a great time, and we thank all of our brothers and sisters in South Korea for all of their love and kindness towards us all. What would a trip be to another country if we did not put up some food video. I like to eat, the students like to eat, everyone likes to eat, we hope that you like this video. Double click on the video above.
God bless you, Pastor Tommy


Dennis lover said...

Hey Tom and Guys how are you!! Thanks for mentioning me on the website. I look at e3missions daily!! Praise the Lord!! And remember, always be cultually sensitive!! Segmon, remember to clean up after yourself when you pick that fro!!

segi said...

every since that i always cleaned up my fro...heeh..heeh..but it was great to see all the food you guys ate...God Bless you guys and im just droppin' a note cuz im so bored in school right now..i finished all my labs...well peayce out and God Bless!