Thursday, November 16, 2006

Pastor's Conference at Tokorozawa

November 12th - 15th, Tim, Ayu, Joanna and I had the opportunity to head out to mainland Japan, and attend the Pastor's conference which Travis Takamiya hosts for us each year. It was in the city of Tokorozawa which in on the outskirts of Tokyo. Pastor Bill Stonebraker was the main speaker, and he did such a wonderful job. It was such a blessing hanging out with all of the Pastor's in Japan. Just getting to know each other better and fellowshipping was worth it all. Please continue to pray for all of the Pastor's in Japan and the work that God has called us all to do for Him. God bless you, Pastor Tommy


Anonymous said...

Stonebraker! That's such an awewsome name. Jesus is our Rock and He breaks our hearts when they begin to get stony. Praise the Lord for pastor Bill Stonebraker.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, praise the Lord, but who's wearing that bright neon lime, green jacket? Oww, too bright, too bright