Thursday, May 17, 2007

Biblical Preaching Final

Our final exam in Biblical Preaching was that they had to teach using a translator. In the center picture is Daniel, and he is using Naokosan, this was her first time translating. In the upper left is Matt and he used a pro, Natsuki. To the left Erin asked Liz if she would translate, and she did, in Spanish! It was great! There are a total of 10 students taking Biblical Preaching. Each one of them got a taste on what it is like using a translator. The translators here at CCGinowan are amazing! Think about it. They have to first hear the message in their second language (English), process it in their heads, then say it in their first language. All if this is done in a few seconds. Then they do it again. They do this for almost an hour long for each message. Amazing!

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Anonymous said...

Naoko san, you were such a blessing...continue to use the gifts that God has given to you. Romans 12:6 God bless you!!