Thursday, May 17, 2007

Problem at the Secret Waterfall

At the Waterfall in Nago, while we were standing around, their were these small flies. They were some type of biting flies because after they bit you, in the area it began to bleed. Vunder was standing around during the swimming adventure and he got all bit up. Some of you might remember when Joel got bit up last semester, but this was worse. For the last two days, his ankle has been swelling up. As you can see it is all red and puffy (upper right pict). As I write this article it has swelled even more. Praise the Lord! Rob does not hurt, but it is just uncomfortable.


George Sedota said...

Those are some nasty flies!!

vianne said...

?..... I thought George was gonna
say " FEET " :]

stopped at sixth street. Guess who was there ?? Dustin & Adam Sappenfeld. Haven't seen Dustin since he was 16! Both doing well with work & college. (You're still praying, aren't you???)
And "G" is having another baby !
Maybe three weeks from now.
Nobody's a Jesus Freak - yet :(
But Tom L. and Junior have come to church NUMEROUS times. (yeaaaah for that!) LOVE YOU, ROB !!!!

Anonymous said...

That looks like a baaaaaad case of gigantism, I'm sure you can find a nice job out there squashing grapes to make 100% natural grape juice! anyways take care rob and don't squash nobody!