Monday, August 20, 2007

A blessed w2 (Worship/Word)

This Sunday night was really awesome at w2. First off, Kayo led in worship along with the group and it was so awesome to see God using her in her gifting. The other reason is as follows; Sunday night I was feeling kind of tired and I thought "I'm just going to kick back, worship the Lord and let my spirit get refresh". That is exactly what happened! The worship was excellent, the message taught by Dan Pallman was anointed. By the end of the service I felt like my tank was fully filled and charged. Then ministry took off! Everyone began to fellowship and share with eachvother. The Lord brought a new guy and Pastor Tim and myself shared the Word with him and by God's grace we answered all of his questions. By the time we got out of there it was 11:45pm, and even then, we had to start turning the lights out on some people. I went home amazed at the work of God in our lives. Pastor Tommy


Anonymous said...

Woo~ Kayo!! Rockin on her guitar for the Lord! I love you Kayo and Natsuki and Ayu and Rob! God bless you guys!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Timu-sensei! I didn't see you on the side. I love you too and God's blessings on you as well :P

Mark Davis said...

Choooo sugoi!! Praise the Lord! God has big plans for the Kayo and crew. It's so exciting to see God work in those we know and love.
God bless you all. We think of you often.
In His service,
Mark and family