Monday, August 20, 2007

Mike Snider visits CC Williamsburg

Say hi to Mike Snider (far right), he is visiting with Pastor Tom Hallman at CC Williamsburg in Virginia. Starting from left to right, Jeanne, Matthew, Patrick and Pastor Tom. Mike is making preparations to come out and live in Mainland Japan serving under Travis Takamiya at CCTokorozawa. We were so blessed with the opportunity to have Mike with us last semester here at the Bible College, he was a real servant of the Lord and we are so blessed that God is opening the doors for him to be back in Japan. Please keep him in your prayers that the Lord would lead and guide his every step. God bless you Mikey, Pastor Tommy


Anonymous said...

hey God bless you mikey...when do you head to mainland? and when did pat get back too?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,
Good to see you again. Hope all is going good and that you can still be serving Jesus all the time. God bless you buddy. Let me know hopw you're doin g and how I can pray for you.
Glad you're in the Way,

Anonymous said...

Hey, Mike,

awww, you got to see the Hallman Family!! What a blesssing!

calvarychapelwilliamsburg said...

I was blessed to see mike here at the is wonderful seeing what the Lord is doing in this young man's life and his desire to share the love of Jesus to the Japanese people....

see you soon mikey!

pastor tom