Friday, August 31, 2007

CCLivingwater in Mexico

They are on the move again. It is such a blessing to see the church back in California continuing to take steps of faith as a group from Livingwater headed over to Mexico to do an outreach and help out a local church. To my understanding they were there for one week. Some of the team members were there a few days, but most stayed the whole time. What is such a blessing about California, we have a missions field so close to us in Mexico. People can take short term missions trips on almost any weekend in the year. The destination from Corona to Pedregales is about 3 hours by car, doorstep to doorstep. It looks like they had a wonderful time outreaching to the children and the adults. For those of you who went on the trip, maybe you can leave us a comment below and tell us some of the things that you did while you were in Pedregales. Thanks Pastor Jerry for the sweet picts. God bless you all, Pastor Tommy

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