Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Special Prayer Request

For some time now, we have been praying for the Pallmann's as they have stepped out in faith and moved up to Ishikawa City. For the past few months we have been driving out there and having a prayer meeting on Friday nights that the Lord would do a great work in this city. We have been praying for the people as well as the work of God up there. Recently, it seems like the Lord is opening up a door for us to rent, for one night a week, a church that is located there. We would like to start having a Bible Study in the city. The small church has a meeting room as well as a place for Children's ministry. Will you please join with us in prayer? The owners say it sounds good, but they want to pray about it. It looks favorable, but we want the Lord's will in this decision. We will keep you posted. God bless you, Pastor Tommy

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Anonymous said...

Sugoi, oinori shimasu ne.