Saturday, August 25, 2007

It's Official! They're having a Baby!

That's right! Jon and Lina are expecting their first child! Can you believe it! What a blessing! Well, congratuations Horne family, we are so blessed for you. May your family continue to grow in the grace and love of the Lord Jesus Christ. Please leave a special greeting for Jon and Lina by clicking the comment button below. God bless you all, Pastor Tommy


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Jonathan and Evangelina...Here are some baby names that you might consider. Remember that these names are a combo of your names symbolizing your love so use one!

Evangathan! Works for a boy or a girl
Jonalina! For a girl i think
Linathan! It just works!
Evathan! almost my favorite
Thanlina! not sure of that one
Mario!!!!! Best name EVER!

God Bless you guys and i am so happy for the 3 of you.


Tim & Ayu said...

awww i thought of Evathan, too!!
heeh, heeh, heeh...
congratuations John and Lina!! we are so happy and excited for 3 of you desu! God is good. Amen!!
wow!!!! the baby is soooo small(of course dane...)
jya---take care neeee
we'll be praying for you!!
congratuations again the Horne family☆

...the Newells

Anonymous said...

Mario!! you make me laugh!!
Jon. and Lina, for sure, you don't want to ask Mario for any advice!!

heeh heeh.


Anonymous said...

Jonathan and Lina!!!
Lina,take care please☆
Jonathan,help Lina!!
We are happy♪
We want to go to California again(^0^)

Ayumi &  Yuko

MichelleDaniela said...

oh my goodness!!!! congrats! i am so excited for the both of you! love you both!! michelle bonner

calvarychapelwilliamsburg said...

WOW! all of us here in Virginia rejoice with you all....we can't wait to see the little one soon!

blessings to you jonathan and lina...

we love you guys!

pastor tom

Damian said...

Congrats! What a blessing for you guys, we will be praying for you guys and the little one.

Damian and Sandra

Anonymous said...

If you ever run out of names, I guess you could call him "Voonder"
Works for me!!!
God bless you two!!!

vianne said...

voonderevajon !
will you just LOOK at what the
Mariobrat started !!
(Cutest cells i have EVER seen :)