Sunday, August 26, 2007

Obon Festival

At this time of the year, the Okinawan people celebrate one of their biggest festivals of the year. Obon is when the Japanese people believe that their ancestors come back from the spirit world to visit them in their houses. The families will prepare meals and set out food for the spirits. Groups of Eisa dancers (pronounced Asa) will dance in the streets welcoming the spirits of their ancestors back into their homes. Obon began Saturday August 25th and ends Monday August 27th. They celebrate for 3 days. The last day they will light fires, dance and send the spirits back on their way home. A lot of work is done in preparation for this event. The Okinawan people are into Ancestor Worship, they believe that their relatives become gods and they will become gods when they die. The Bible tells us there is one Creator and he created us all. If we believe in His Son, Jesus Christ, after death we go to heaven to be with God. God is our Father and we are His sons and daughters.

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