Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thank You For Your Prayers!

But please keep on praying! We talked with the owners and worked out a deal with the lease. The final out come, we will purchase the building within 5 years. We worked out a deal to lease with an option to buy. So no matter how high the value of the place becomes in the next 5 years we are locked in with the sale price. We are totally humbled by the Lord's blessings and His Hand on everything! This building is a blessing, but we are most excited about the opportunity to minister to the Okinawan Japanese people. May the Lord continue His marvelous work on the island. God bless you all, Pastor Tommy


Tamiko said...

Wow!! The new place looks awesome!! I can't wait to get back and see.

I have one Solomon holding a cruch???

God bless the new place.

Mystical boar said...

Solomon is holding a spear. He's trying to hunt the fabled MYSTICAL BOAR!!! Watch out he's on the loose. Oh save us Solomon. LOL