Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Dean Family Arrive Safely

They arrived right on schedule from LAX. They were a little tired, but that is expected from a long flight. They are now in their new apartment hopefully getting a good night sleep. Praise the Lord they arrived safely, to God be the Glory!


Mike Rizzi said...

As Gina Dean's dad, it was hard to see the family leave out of LAX for Japan (real tear-jerker). Kind of a selfish grieving, but also an excitement about what God holds for their future. I pray that Gina, Josh, and little Claire will quickly get acclimated to Okinawa life, and that we will be able to keep in touch frequently. Our friends and family will be praying much for the success of ministry for those at Calvary Chapel and the people of Okinawa.

Anonymous said...

I will be missing my daughter, son in law and grand daughter. I pray their decision to go will bring them all they wish for. Back home, as selfish as this is, we will be missing them!
Mom, Ashley, and Sarah.