Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We ate way too much

It is Solomon's last day in Okinawa before he leaves back to California. So we went out to lunch at Try Yakiniku. What is Yakiniku you ask? I am glad you asked. Yakiniku in Japanese means "grilled meat" or like we say in America "BBQue". It is an all you can eat place. So you get your fresh meat and grill it at your table. Everyone had a blast, but as you can see, most of us ate too much. Seriously, we were stuffed. We are going to miss you Solomon, you are such a blessing.

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Hijo, it's a beast! said...

The Mystical boar strikes again, leaving bodies everywhere. Soli has been knocked out by the mystical juices and can't seem to recover. Hope the tusks don't start to come out. LOL
Take care Solomon. It was a blessing to have met you. I know we will catch up in Cali one day, or maybe in Japon. God bless. Smack Zach when you see him. Laterz