Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Magic 100


For only the second time in the 5 year history of e3missions have we hit the 100 mark for blogs. Amazing! Some people ask “how can you put up so many blogs"? I guess it comes naturally just blogging life as a missionary, never a dull moment. Maybe you can tell us in the last 5 years, what has been your favorite blog that comes to mind? Please write it in the comment section below.


George Sedota said...

One of my favorite posts is still on the blog today. It is the video made by the bible college students a few semesters back.

If anyone reading this has never seen it, check it out! It is the second video from the top in the Video Bar section to the right.

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Trevor said...

I like it all! Two particular "series" come to mind though, thinking back.
1) When gas prices were falling and we got updates almost daily, and then someone commented "no one cares, stop it!" Hahaha, someone got a bad batch of cornflakes that morning and took it out on e3!
2) The "who is it?" posts where the picture MOSTLY conceals who the person is (Jiai sleeping, Keli'i with his head down to hide the jungle man in him, etc.) and people have to guess the identity of the person.
3) Oh, and also I love seeing the "changes" in people... like short-haired vs. long-haired Cotton, or long-haired vs. short-haired Joel... those ones are sweet b/c they're not just about physical change but how Jesus has changed their lives, too.

LOVE the blog, Pastor Tommy! Some day I hope you hit 150 or even 200 in a month!!!