Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pastor Tom’s Best Friend

DSC00444DSC00443Many of the Bible College Students have heard me talk about my best friend in my College years, Bob Solorio. We were getting ready to head out to Nevada when we saw Bob and his mother at the grocery store. We were so surprised and blessed to see each other. I have been trying to get in touch with him but unsuccessful. So it was a blessing to see him.

Bob has taught me so much through the years in my Christian walk. I remember the days when I was a shy believer and Bob encouraged me to get out of my shell. Also the funny stories revolve around the times he would teach me about being a giver. Sharing and being a person who learned it is “better to give than to receive”. At this time in life, Bob is battling a bad knee. He will have to get surgery unless the Lord heals him, please keep our good brother in your prayers. God uses people in your life for important reasons, Bob is one of those guys that the Lord used to shape my life.

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