Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rockin it!

IMG_0903IMG_0894IMG_0900 IMG_0896Here we are caught in the act. The funny thing is not so much how big our “to go” ice creams are, but check out Justin’s, those are some tiny scoops bro. Jillian cannot get away from it, we know she likes ice cream now. The last time she said the ice cream machine got stuck at the Yakiniku restaurant. But there are no excuses here girl, that is a big scoop there. We were all rockin it (except for Justin).

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Pastor Tom Hallman said...

hey....i know that place!!! what a great place to eat...drink some coffee...and sample all the DE-LICIOUS ice cream...but hey...Dont' throw Mr. Donut to the curb either! love that place! blessings...ptom