Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Who’s the King?

IMG_0886Hold on, before you get too excited we split this between 4 people, Asa, Tom Cotton, Zach and Pastor Tom. We ordered the “ondish burger” but they ran out of the homemade buns. So they asked if we wanted the big burger that feeds four, so we said “Go for it”. The big burger and 4 orders of fries, plus the ice cream. We were a group of happy dudes! Did I mention it came with 4 eggs inside?


cleansed_by_blood33 said...

ok...tell eder when he comes out he's gotta bring me one or two of those!

Anonymous said...

adam you cant have any!


Testimony of The Hallman's is Available! said...

isn't that the Original Tommy's Burger???? sure looks like it! ha!

enjoy it guys! ptom